About us

The Itknowledge24.com website launched back in 2009, actually, much earlier 2008. During a discussion with a networking and telecommunication teacher, the name "itknowledge" appeared first, later someone added "24" and eventually we ended up with "itknowledge24" name. We quickly went online to see if the domain name was available, and luckily it was and at the exact same day, we brought the domain name http://www.itknowledge24.com.

Initially, when we launched the website 2009, it didn't have much impact on the Internet. At first it all seemed like a joke, but slowly it began to spread across the web, in 2010-2011 the effects of it were felt in many areas of the web. And it is continuing to grow in popularity, thanks to the—articles, help resources, as well as a number of highly-regarded and innovative products for the Windows platform.


An absolutely great solution to start the society's dvd on different Windows platforms.The program works fine and is a great contribution to the enduser's comfort. You offered us a quick and honest deal.

–– Luc Klaps, Belgium PRO-GENgebruikersgroep LIMBURG vzw www.pro-gen.be